Makes You Wonder

A ginormous man walked into Starbucks. Shirt too short for his descending gut, he handed his, what I thought to be, average coffee thermos to the barista with a grin. I did not pay attention to what he ordered, but learned soon enough when over the counter came his bubba keg with whipped cream and caramel rising a good 2 inches from the top. And they blame America’s obesity on McDonald’s. Its choices, people, choices.

Smoothie Smoothie

I like smoothies…. ok, I like smoothies A LOT.

Do you know what smoothies are?

Pretty sure the look on your face right now is ->     -_-

Nope. Smoothies are expensive. Fruit, yoghurt, ice, and maybe some protein, and they charge you over 6 bucks. So, I like to make my own. This usually consists of anything I can find in my fridge :), but I’ve always wanted to try a couple of different ones. Today, this was Strawberry Banana Oatmeal. It was delicious :)

Oatmeal (soaked overnight in water), strawberries, banana, dab of honey, ice, and Strawberry Chobani yogurt.

Water and orange juice added

Final blended yum

Who says they can’t make a smoothie  -_-

Summer Classes

It’s hot. The last place I should be is sitting outside an auditorium waiting for a class to start. But, I am. It’s really hot.

One of my classes has already started, but now that it is the first day of summer B and my other two are starting today, I figured it may be time to really buckle down :(. Eww… I don’t like to do school when its hot.

The nice thing is only my Statistics class is actually on campus in a classroom; Tech Writing and Selling Strategically are online.

More to come.

Did I mention it’s hot?

Worth Reading

I read an interesting article regarding the horrific event that occurred this past Sunday night. I think it applies not only to sports writing, but all writing in general. It answers the question, “why write a novel?” or “why read something if its not straight facts?”. It also reminded me of Laura Hillenbrand’s book Unbroken and how the POWs would recited things, anything, so keep their sanity.


Oh no….

I think I’m hooked. Or more iterally… roped.

Adventure number 6,000,000 at UF = Learning to rope off a horse :D
This is the cool thing about being an animal science major – especially at UF. There is usually something fun and horse/outdoor related people put together to go do, and sometimes, like with roping, its part of the “program” too! One night a week there is “roping practice” where anyone can go out and learn, or practice their skills on the ground or ATV pulled dummy. I went to roping practice 2 weeks ago for the first time and practiced on the ground and ended up fairly pleased with myself for not every having really done it before. The next time, through a series of other events, I got to rope off a horse! Well, first I learned to “rate” the horse, and then tangled myself and the horse in the rope – several times – and THEN roped the dummy.

What happens when you find too many things that you like to do?

Rainy Days

It’s always an adventure when you wake up for class in the morning and hear the wet slapping of rain against your window. Especially when you have an early class which requires a dark, puddle sloshing transportation. I’m sure if it was an everyday affair I would not enjoy it as much, but, particularly when it is cold, there is something inspiring and slightly romantic for bundling up to brave the elements in order to fulfill ones duties.

Curious Question

I have a curious question.

If you sign up for a class, particularly a lab, is there a general assumption that that is the time you are able to attend to class? I may be naive, but don’t most students take more than one lab? And, it may be foolish for me to say so, but if there is a holiday – aka, NO SCHOOL – doesn’t that generally mean that class is canceled and will resume during the next class period?

Yes, so I thought.

Then, how come my Microbiology lab instructor expects us to be able to make up a class period to learn what was not able to be taught during a school holiday??